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sorry [Nov. 19th, 2009|01:43 pm]
[Current Mood |exanimateexanimate]

Taking a brief hiatus.
I came back home early, because my aunt passed away.
Just last night one of my closest friends mother passed away.
So, while I take care of everything here, I'm not going to be checking up on my journal as much.

Thank you Matt~ [Nov. 9th, 2009|08:38 pm]
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]
[Current Music |Gym Class Heroes]

Today Taryn, Conor, my uncle and I all went into town. I finally got to get my little butt to the art store to buy some cardstock and smancy papers so I can make Taryn AND Jeff's birthday presents. We all went and saw The men who stare at goats! It was just as quirky as I thought it was going to be and I personally loved it! Highly reccomend it to you guys. :]

Also the other day Taryn found this crazy old folder on my computer filled with pics from my senior year of highschool and onward. I had forgotten that I even had this lol. Inside were a bunch of classic gems of Jeff and I. Thought I'd share one of them with ya'll
Cats meaowCollapse )

Last but not least, I finally got these little buddies in the mail the other day! I love them so much!
The CD was a nice surprise as well. So, thank you so so so so so much for that. I really love the sound. I have something new to draw too, for that I am grateful. :]
+2Collapse )
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Uber late halloween post [Nov. 6th, 2009|12:52 pm]
[Current Mood |hothot]

So, I'm finally back in Cali after a super hectic but amazing time in New Orleans.
It felt so amazing to have been home again and to be surrounded by all my buddies.
I was even greeted with the totally unexpected surprise of getting in a relationship with a good friend of mine I always had the littlest crush on. Little did I know that he had been harboring feelings for me the entire time. I'm really excited to see where this will go, he's an amazing guy.
Well, onto the pics!
Halloween pic dumpCollapse )
Also, sorry for the utter lack of response from me this past week. I totally underestimated the time I would have to myself, which ended up being hardly any. lol
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BRB GOIN' TO WRASTLE SOME GATERS [Oct. 26th, 2009|02:46 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

hbfdsjnfjdkgnfgdbnjknfdkgndf.nfdngdfkjngdfjkn mvnkfnk
Leaving tomorrow to go home for Halloweeeeeeennn!!!!
I'm so fucking excited.
I can't wait to be back in a -city- again with all my favorite people! ♥

Also, because Taryn and I are such total goobers we decided to record ourselves singing "freeze ray" since it's been stuck in our heads forevverrr. This video is so humorous to me because you can definitely tell who it the most dramatic -coughtaryncough-

The orginial, for those unfamiliar with the song:

Though seriously, if any of my flisters have -not- seen Dr. Horribles sing along blog GO watch it. You will thank me. I promise.
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videos videos videos [Oct. 23rd, 2009|11:08 am]
[Current Mood |giddygiddy]

So, since Taryn and Is interwebs connection is made of epic fail it wasn't till today that we(read:she) were able to upload these videos we've been taken in the last couple of weeks.

The first was a birthday present for my uncles girlfriend, Robin.
She said that all she wanted for her birthday was a dance.
So the night before Taryn and I came up with this, and practiced for like 2 hours before hitting the sack. Regardless we were proud of it and most importantly Robin -loved- it.
The second half of the video is just my uncle being a total goober with his song of choice.

These next two were taken on what was supposed to be a typical grocery shopping errend.
But, it was 9pm and we discovered tricycles.....

Lastly, I don't even -care- if you're not a Harry Potter fan.
You -need- to watch this!
It is seriously the funniest thing ever.
I want it to be a real broad way play -so- bad~~~~
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2009|09:11 pm]
[Current Mood |gratefulgrateful]

You were only waiting for this moment to be free.Collapse )

Last but not least I seriously want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you gave me in the last post.
Ya'll seriously blew me away.
I am deeply touched and grateful of all of you. ♥
As of today I am doing fine. I'm taking one step at a time.
I'm doing a lot of thinking, making myself more aware of things I can do to better myself even more as a person and come into my own. I can be even more happy and content with who I am, so that if and when that next person strolls along I can be ready to give it my all! ~♥~
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I will not be broken, though I am the one that bleeds [Oct. 17th, 2009|02:18 pm]
[Current Mood |rejectedrejected]

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.
I haven't had this feeling in so long, I had almost forgotten what it feels like to have your heart shattered.
I had this boyfriend. Someone who I thought completed me. Someone who I thought I had such a deep connection with. I dated this man for 4 years.
It started as a young high school romance, but persevered through so much more.
This boy turned into a man and joined the military. I stood by his side and supported him. Even when he went over seas. Even when he lived so far from me, that we only saw each other maybe once a month, twice if we were lucky. For 2 years I was happy like this. I was fine, I had my love I didn't need anything more. I apparently took it for granted.
This military man has a career, and wants a partner that has one too. This man who I poured unconditional amounts of love, support, understanding, and commitment into has after 4 years dropped me. Dropped me because I have an unorthodox hair style. Dropped me because I'm apparently not on the same plane as him. Dropped me because I don't have a career.
I'm shocked. Dead shocked. Heart on the floor and stomped on. I feel stupid and naive. How could I not have seen this coming? How could I have missed that he was this superficial?
I've never felt more rejected in my life. Completely and utterly rejected.

Here I am at ground zero. Hi, it's me, on the floor. Picking up these shattered pieces.
There's no coming back. I don't deserve to be looked down on to that extent. I am who I am, and that isn't going to change. I apologize to myself for not finding a partner to fully except it, as I have excepted them.
When will my time come? What am I going to do from now on?
I have a lot that I need to think about.
I am strong. I will get through this. This heart will mend itself.
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WRRYYYYY [Oct. 15th, 2009|11:12 pm]
[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]

Sakura -finally- meets up with Naruto and then the series takes a break.
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rub a dub dub 2 crazy chicks in a tub [Oct. 12th, 2009|10:42 pm]
[Current Mood |pleasedpleased]

Today Taryn and I were having one of our little bubble baths together. As we were talking we got to discussing how cute it would have been if one of our parents took a pic of us in the bubble bath together as kids, and then we took one of ourselves now and had them framed side by side. After being bit bummed that we didn't have the former candid shot, we decided to take the later one anyway. Giving ourselves a rain check to take another bubble bath when we're in our 80s and frame those two photos together, lol.
Bubble bath photo opCollapse )

After soaking in the tub for a good 40 minutes listening to Korean pop music, we finally pulled ourselves out and got ready to go to dinner.
Yesterday was Galen's(Taryn's older bro, my cuz) 23rd birthday, and since he wasn't in town yesterday, we were having a little belated family dinner tonight.
Until we get a chance to snag the photos off Taryn's moms camera, we only have what we wore tonight
OutfitsCollapse )

Tomorrow I have to drive Conor into town for school. It's supposed to be uber windy (up to 40mph) with serious downfall. So, I'm really hoping I don't kill myself driving those curvy mountain roads. Wish me luck guys<3
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I don't even know [Oct. 11th, 2009|09:09 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Taryn:-happily drawing- It's gunna be a pink cat!
Jessie:...A what?
Taryn:-cheerfully- A pink cat~! ♥
Jessie Jeez Tair... I didn't know you were so perverse.
Taryn:...what?.....NOOOOOOOOO~~~~.......-huffs- It's gunna be a blue cat. >:[

I love teasing my cousin~
It's the best you guyz. ♥

Post a picture in my comments that you think describes me when you think about what/who I am. No matter how surreal or plain. Give no written explanation. Just an image.
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